house for sale Murphy NC

house for sale Murphy NC

How To Buy A House For Sale In Murphy NC

Choosing a House For Sale In Murphy NC Here is a checklist of things to look for as you tour various houses for sale in Murphy NC Curbside appeal. How does the house look when you first see it? Adjoining residences. Are they in good repair or are they falling down? Do trees, grass and flowers add to the appeal of a house? Does the front porch and front door make a good first impression? Has the house been recently repainted and does the roof look sturdy? When you first enter the home, take a deep breath through your nose. Do you smell anything like tobacco smoke, sewage, mustiness, etc.? As you step into the living room or front hallway do you feel comfortable and “at home?” Ask the realtor to let you wander through the house. Many realtors try to guide visitors, sometimes away from any problem areas. They can tag along, but don’t let them lead you around. Go from the front room or hallway to the kitchen. Test the water faucet at the sink. Examine the cook top and oven for cleanliness. If the refrigerator is staying, check the ice-maker (if it has one), and look at the freezer compartment for frost rind. […]


Houses For Sale Murphy NC

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